Activities and Programs run by GCYCinc


Counselling Programs:

GCYC understands that life can draw personal and physical strains on individuals through the stresses of work, family commitments or other problems. GCYC is also focused at providing various counselling and mentoring services to all needy members of the both muslim and non muslim community.


These services include:


  • Marriage Counselling/Divorce Issues

  • People & Relationships/Family Problems and Issues

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Trauma, abuse and depression

  • Spiritual guidance

  • Alcohol and Drug abuse.

  • QUIT Programs.

  • Other emotional, mental health or adjustment difficulties.

These consultation-free services are given either in person or over the phone to individuals unable to attend the centre in person.

E-mail enquiries are also answered to those who are shy or not confident enough to speak either in person or over the phone.


By Appointement only.


Inspirational & Educational Talks:

GCYC will host a number of inspirational talks, on how to better our selves, revolved around the fact of; how we need to take advantage of the five before the other five.


#1: Take Advantage of Your Youth Before Your Old Age


#2: Take Advantage of Your Health, Before You Fall Sick


#3: Take Advantage of Your Richness Before Poverty


#4: Take Advantage of Your Free Time Before You Become Busy


#5: Take Advantage of Your Life Before Your Death


As was stated in an authentic narration:


"Take advantage of five matters before five others: your youth, before your old age; and your health before you fall sick; and your wealth before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life before your death."


7:30pm Wednesday Nights.


Spiritual Enlightenment:

The establishment of the Friday prayer which will be at 1pm through out the year is also our priority, and at the moment we have been blessed to have the Gold Coast City Council owned Southport Community Centre at our Disposal to conduct the Jumuah Salaah, as well as on going weekly Classes - check back often for new info.


When parking your vehicles we ask you  to observe the street signs and park only in permissable areas,



- Jumuah Prayer 1:10pm - through out the year






Most days between the maghrib and isha in summer and after isha in winter, we will have classes that will range from advanced students of knowledge to the beginners "need to know hows".


Please check back often for exact times and confirmed announcements of classes being offered.

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